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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Smritir Sarani - Srikanto Acharya (free download bangla adhunik album)

Right click on song name and
 select new tab to download

1. Ami Eto Je Tomay
2. Ami Jharer Kache
3. Antabihin Ei Andharate
4. Baro Eka Lage
5. Dole Shaal Piyaler
6. Ei Jhir Jhir Jhir Batase
7. Ja Jare Ja Ja Pakhi
8. Je Aankhite Eto Haasi
9. Prakhara Darun Ati
10. Ruper Oi Pradeep Jwele
11. Surer Akashe
12. Taar Churite Je Rekhechi

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