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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sarad Prate - Indrani sen (free download bengali modern song album)

Right click on song name and
 select new tab to download

01. Sharod Praate
02. Amar Je Sadh
03. Chalo Aj Moon Re Amaay
04. Aaji Megher Bole
05. Daake Je Ke Daake
06. Sondhya Name
07. Sararaat Tomake
08. Projapoti Moon
09. Elomelo Haowa
10. Sojonire Jhorna Jaay Re
11. Deep Jele Jai
12. Ami Chirokaal
13. Sujon Aaj Taar Lagi
14. Shaon Aadhar Naame


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